Summer season done part 1 DONE

Two of the most carnival seasons for soca music in early summer are done.. St. Vincent and the Grenadines aka SVG made an impressive comeback to the international soca scene. St. Lucia aka SLU started strong but released only a few classics. Ricky T. from SLU is definatly one of the hottest newcomers for 2008. His tune "Wheel and Come Again" took SLU Soca Monarch and the all Caribbean Soca Monarch.

Roadmarch SVG 2008:
1. Icon - A Pain (2 Knee)
2. Skinny Fabulous - Head Bad (On De Spot)
3. Problem Child - For Life

Soca Monarch SVG 2008:
1. Skinny Fabulous - Head Bad (On De Spot)
2. Fireman Hooper - ‘Who e hut e hut’
3. Problem Child - ‘For Life’

grab: Ricky T - Wheel and Come Again (zshare)
Skinny Fabulous - Head Bad (on de spot)

more info at decooler
picture: Luca Gargano

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