new Jus Bus riddim: Warhead

The producer Jus Bus just released a new riddim; a cooperation with Madd Dawg.
Actually not really club material, but nice anyway..

war·head (wôr'hěd') n.
A part of the armament system in the forward part of a projectile, such as a guided missile, rocket, torpedo, bomb, or other munition, that contains either a nuclear or thermonuclear system, a high explosive system, chemical or biological agents, or inert materials intended to inflict damage on a target.

grab offical Warhead Riddim mix (sendspace)

Warhead Riddim myspace

Produced By: Justin "Jus Bus" Nation & Glenn " Madd Dawg" Francis
Co-Produced By: Orett "Bambino" Hart
Mixed By: Gmajor - MajorMixx Studios
Drum Programming: Justin "Jus Bus" Nation
Keyboards: Justin "Jus Bus" Nation & Vinni Hamilton
Violins: Black Violin

Featured Acts On Riddim

Black Violin
Vybez Kartel aka Di Teacha
Kenyatta Fiya
Lindo P
Rock City
Mega D
Delly Ranxx
Benton the Menace
Shawn Storm
Doza Medi - Me Nuh Wah Nuh Gun (Empire Street Exclusive)
Bitta Blood
Lyrical - Push (Amo Lab Mixtape Exclusive)
Tyna Vargas & Ms.Conception
Flo feat. Mecca aka Grimo
Jason Lyrics

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